Colorplay Continus Deposit Bonus


Colorplay Continus Deposit Bonus

《Deposit Bonus GET 50 FREE BONUS》

Colorplay Continus Deposit Bonus-EB.CASINO

Colorplay Continus Deposit Bonus-EB.CASINO

Deposit now and claim your continus deposit bonus!Experience the best online casino games you’ve ever had and enjoy casino free bonus at ColorPlay!

Colorplay Continus Deposit Bonus

How To Get Continus Deposit Bonus at ColorPlay?

  1. The minimum deposit amount must be at least 200 PHP.
  2. A continus deposit bonus of 50 coins will be awarded.
  3. The casino bonus reward will be given on the next day.
  4. The reward can only be obtained by continuously making the minimum deposit for 5 days.

Important Note:

  • The reward will be automatically released by the online casino system on the next day.
  • The turnover limit for the reward is 20 times.


Colorplay 續存優惠

如何領取 Colorplay 續存優惠?

  1. 最低存款金額需至少為200菲律賓披索。
  2. 將獲得50元的娛樂城優惠獎金。
  3. 賭場獎金將於隔日發放。
  4. 只有連續5天進行最低存款,才能獲得獎勵。


  • 系統將於隔日自動釋放獎勵。
  • 娛樂城優惠獎勵為流水20倍,即可申請出金。